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On April 15, 16 and 17, the Youth Ambassadors will hold our very first online conference on Children’s Rights. The conference aims to explore issues surrounding children's rights and to generate possible local and global action our participants can take. We focus on educatings all ages, but especially focusing on the youth to ensure that the new generation understands the issues and how they are able to help.





Throughout the conference, guests speakers including Marie-Claire Graf and Sarah Himmelberger will give opinions regarding a subtopic.

Marie Claire Graf is the Co-Founder of Sustainability Week International as well as the president of Swiss Association of Student Organisations for Sustainability. She works actively amongst youth to fight for a sustainable future.


Sarah Himmelberger is the program manager for righttoplay, an organisation that aims to eliminate child poverty through “play”. They strive to help children and young people achieve their school education.

Furthermore, youth speakers from universities or high schools will share unique perspectives on themes and ideas around Children’s Rights. 


The conference also will host relaxed discussions where any input is encouraged. They will discuss the views, perspectives and ideas proposed by our guest speakers and youth speakers. Additionally, there will be formal workshops in which possible measures are discussed. These discussions on April 17th (10:00-12:30) will be based off of talks given by speakers on April 15th and 16th (16:00-18:30) to brainstorm amongst younger generations, possible local and global action that may be taken to combat these pressing issues.




Anyone from any country and any age is welcome to participate in this event. We invite you all to use the link below to register. Once registered, the schedule and zoom links will be sent out in a separate email!







For any questions or concerns reach out to Evie Reza, the Director of Conference at + 41 76 536 16 08 or .


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